4-Year Old Youngest Child Allowed to Switch Genders

Sarah and Yuri Brown made the decision to let their four-year old, Sophie, live as a boy. Sophie is now Jake and her older sister, Olivia, 8, has had to see a therapist about losing her sister.

When we were coming up, some girls were called Tomboys.  They were always running and jumping with the boys or at least giving them a run for their money athletically.  But, never did  we hear or see any of their parents cut off all of their hair, change their wardrobe and change their name from Jackie to Jake.

Sarah and Yuri Brown were contending with their daughter’s inability to connect with her gender since she was two or old enough to talk, according to The Sun.  She would regularly tell them that she was a boy and would often grab a white t-shirt in place of the girl clothes set out for her.  

The couple had her psychologically evaluated and the diagnosis was Gender Identity Disorder.  The psychologist even recommended that they change the child to the chosen gender to keep her from future emotional problems, drugs and alcohol, and even depression.  Are we in the midst of some P.A.P. Disorder here? I’m sorry folks, but Bernie Mac had it right when he said that we are some punk ass parents these days. The child’s new name has changed from Sophie to Jake and the father, Yuri, 40, had this to say:

“I found a therapist. She diagnosed Gender Identity Disorder and said Sophie should be allowed to live as a boy. I also found a book called The Transgender Child which made everything so clear to me.

“It revealed that if you force a child to conform it could have a devastating impact on their life including depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and emotional scars.

“Then we decided it was time to let Sophie start dressing as a boy.

Fine! Let the child explore, but to completely disassociate her from the gender sounds absurd.  It’s great that they offer her the opportunity to “switch back.”  It shows there is some sanity left between them.  Even the child’s older sister, Olivia, 8, had to see a therapist to deal with losing her little sister.  The mother, Sarah, 37, said:

“We have told him — and he doesn’t like it when we suggest it — that he could go back.

“So we have left that door open. But my instinct as a mother is it’s not going to change.

“The hard time is when he approaches puberty and we will have to start making decisions — about whether we will need to give him puberty blockers and hormones or more.”

There is not much understanding on transgender issues on behalf of these parents or anyone else professional or otherwise.   The only thing that is clear is a parent’s love and their willingness to do anything to help their child.  Maybe they were sent into a fit of panic by the therapist. That’s who we should be blaming for all of this.  The parents may be victims of professional intimidation.  Whatever the cause, the child is too young to know what they are or want to be.  That is the parent’s job.  What do you think?  This is all very confusing for me.

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-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “4-Year Old Youngest Child Allowed to Switch Genders”

  1. Ya know, I saw this article in the Washington Post about 2 months ago and I read their story and was happy that they were able to find a resolution that made that kid happy.
    Such beautiful children.
    Well, about a week or 2 after I read it, I saw this adorable little boy and said that he looked so familiar.
    I asked her nicely, if they were the family in the Post?
    His mother was very nice and gracious and the 2 kids were so sweet and polite.
    God Bless this family. They are just like any other family, but have had to make a few adjustments.
    I wish them all the best.

  2. Mouth open in shock……..But…….It appears they did seek professional help. A scam? They went to a doctor. Who would I listen to my neighbor, a journalist, or a doctor? Hope everything turns out alright as the child matures and reaches puberty. The years between may change……

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