Brooklyn Woman Believes She’s Dying, Kills Son to Keep Others from Raising Him?

Bernard James Revell, 7, was killed by his mother that thinks she's dying of breast cancer.

People staring death in the face due to terminal illnesses have an assortment of worries and unimaginable pain they cope with as they wait for the inevitable.  They worry about those who will be left behind, especially their children.  But, one woman, using warped thinking, that only “believes” she is dying of cancer did the unthinkable to possibly protect her child.

It isn’t certain what Tenika Revell, 40, was thinking when she hit her son in the head repeatedly with a hammer, choked him with her hands and a belt, and suffocated him with a plastic bag to kill him.  Her boyfriend believes that she didn’t want anyone else to raise her son, Bernard James Revell, 7, after she was gone, according to Headline News.

The horrific crime was not immediately known by Revell’s boyfriend Terrace Johnson until he visited her home the next morning and saw police tape and police outside the Bedford Stuyvesant apartment:

“She didn’t want her mother or none of them to get Bernard.”

Revell tried to commit suicide with an overdose of pills, but was unsuccessful.  She has an interesting past, but Johnson didn’t mind it.  He told New York Daily News:

“I just took the bitter with the sweet,” Johnson said. “I took a gamble.”

Johnson is a newspaper delivery man and he met Revell when her son was only an infant.  He raised the child and had recently showed off his Father’s day cards:

“I raised him,” he told the Daily News before showing off Father’s Day cards from the doomed boy. “She took my boy away from me.”

She has a past of crack cocaine use and has done two stints of prison time for attempted robbery and attempted burglary and has been medicated for anger issues.  But, according to Johnson, she didn’t ever hit the boy, but did curse and yell at him. 

Authorities have charged her with “second-degree murder, manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child.”  Read more here.

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