St. Louis Mother Tells Toddlers ‘Ball Up Your Fist’ and Brawl and Posts on Facebook (Video)

Toddlers face off after following orders from unidentified St. Louis woman that urges them to battle then posts video to Facebook.

Once again!  We visit the land of the lost…parents!  There has to way we can put a limit on children a person can have like they do in China.  The dumber the crimes against children become in America, the more you want to see them enact laws that would call for mandatory castration and/or hysterectomies.  The madness must stop!

Fox2 News in St. Louis reported that an unidentified woman urged toddlers to fight on video and posted the video to her Facebook page.  Well, an “acquaintance” of the woman told the news station about the incident and feels that there should be a harsh penalty for what she has done.

The report states that Missouri’s Department of Social Services may launch an investigation into the incident.  The video is so disturbing that you can barely watch the whole thing.  The two little girls are squabbling with one another and the woman yells:

“Got some action! Got some action!” the woman can be heard yelling as she shoots the video.  “Y’all better ball up some fists!”

I don’t care what age this huzzy is, this is not entertaining or funny.  The girls are crying the entire time they’re fighting, probably because they don’t want to fight one another in the first place.  Children are loving and want to be loved.  Not set up in a heavyweight match in their living room and egged on by adults to brawl for it all.  This woman is such a waste.

Check it out for yourself.

-J.C. Brooks

10 thoughts on “St. Louis Mother Tells Toddlers ‘Ball Up Your Fist’ and Brawl and Posts on Facebook (Video)”

  1. This is an embarrassment to any REAL MOTHER and BOTH children should be removed from the custody and ALL individuals involved should be arrested for being STUPID AN NAIVE enough to post something of this nature ONLINE! Point blank end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just plain stupid. U deserve the punishment that in time may desend on you. The world is going down the tube. Or maybe we see it more cause of stupid people posting their ignorance online. I guess that a good. At least the authorities can see it and proceed with an arrest. I see why kids are bad. The fruit dont fall far from the tree. Get it together people!!

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