Nielsen Finds Hurricane Katrina, OJ and 9/11 Most Powerful TV Moments

Where were you when Hurricane Katrina happened?  Can you remember the morning those planes crashed into the towers?  So many people followed these events on television because our hearts went out to those who were directly affected, but many of us held our breath waiting to see if the news anchors would release a grisly list of names of loved ones that may include one of ours.

Nielsen and Sony performed a recent study on 1,077  American adults that concluded with the top three spots of powerful moments being:  the O.J. Simpson verdict, Hurricane Katrina and at the #1 spot, 9/11.  We will never get over these moments in history.  They have become infamous moments that have left an indelible mark on our history. 

The survey was conducted in February and it appears that the younger of the adults are more connected to more recent events.  The top 10 of the list of events that made the most “universal impact” in the country are:

1. Sept. 11 tragedy (2001)
2. Hurricane Katrina (2005)
3. O.J. Simpson verdict (1995)
4. Challenger space shuttle disaster (1986)
5. Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)
6. O.J. Simpson white Bronco chase (1994)
7. Earthquake in Japan (2011)
8. Columbine High School shootings (1999)
9. BP oil spill (2010)
10. Princess Diana’s funeral (1997)

The list is broken out by age groups and genders.  Among women aged 18-34,  Tiger Woods beat out everyone else for top scandal.  Does anyone remember the vice president of the United States bust a cap in his friend during a hunting trip or his connection to Enron and the biggest corporate corruption scandal that left a lot of their employees pension-less? President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky even paled in comparison, but men in the same age range were more interested…but surely for more reasons than they think.

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-J.C. Brooks

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