Truck Crashes Into Ohio Gas Station at High Speed (Video)

Truck crashes into Marathon gas station in Akron, Ohio, because driver claims that brakes failed.

There has to be a better way the country’s Department of Motor Vehicles can discern who should be behind the steering wheels of America.  It would seem that with all the fatalities on the road from texting, putting on make-up, talking on the cell phone and just plain poor driving due to other questionable distractions, the DMV could come up with a better test and raise age limits before allowing one of THE most dangerous responsibilities to be handed over to the wrong person…a driver’s license.Speaking of questionable distractions, in Akron, Ohio, Monday, a semi truck came barreling through an intersection, flipped over and crashed into a Marathon gas station.  The gas station’s cameras caught the entire astonishing event on surveillance video.  The only upside to the accident was that there were no fatalities because no one was standing at the pumps and the quick reaction of the gas station attendant to shut down all the pumps prevented an explosion.

Check out the report and video of the accident.  It’s a jaw dropper, but you will be as suspicious as the officer that was interviewed seems to be.  He tested the breaks and said that their story “could’ve” been true.  It appeared that there was a woman driving the truck with a male friend in the passenger seat when people ran to assist them.  They refused to be interviewed. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

-J.C. Brooks

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