Largest African American Real Estate Developer Supports Obama But Enough with the Romney Money Attacks!

R. Donahue Peebles is one of Obama's largest supporters, but now criticizes the president's ad campaign that attacks Romney's wealth.

The rich really protect the rich and all that keeps their money funneling into the proper channels to support their lifestyle.  The one percenters are quite interested in keeping the political climate in their favor as well.  That’s why they are so perturbed by President Obama’s tax cuts for those making $250,ooo or less and would appreciate it if people would stop talking about them as though they’re not in the room.

R. Donahue Peebles, 52, is one of the president’s largest supporters and a member of his reelection campaign’s finance committee, but he is getting testy with the campaign ads that exhibit Mitt Romney’s wealth as a bad thing, according to the Huffington Post.  He is tired of the wealthy looking like the bad guy…and we know why.

Peebles owns the Peebles Corp. which, according to his company website, is the largest African American owned real estate development company in the country.  His estimated worth is approximately $350 million.  With the success his company has enjoyed comes wealth and he sees himself in Romney’s shoes.

He had once set out to campaign against former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, but  dropped out of the list of contenders for personal reasons.  So he knows how to be a politician and opportunist to boot.  He has gone to major print media outlets to express his disdain for Obama’s ad campaign against Romney that focuses on his money, but has yet to dishonor the president on any broadcast news program.   In fact, he was defending the president on television in late April.

But, he gave an extensive interview to the Huffington Post regarding the “sleeping giant” he feels that the campaign has awakened:

“It would be unrealistic to think that that kind of thing would not impact the enthusiasm for those who are supportive of the president, financially, and certainly would turn off others who were on the fence to say, ‘You know, what the heck with it. I’m done,'” Peebles continued. “And they go on to Romney.

“And so what’s happening is they’ve awakened a sleeping giant. This time around, business leaders, business executives and corporations will be involved in the political process like they’ve never been before, all because they’ve been awakened,” he said.

He’s not really bashing the president as much as it seems that he’s throwing the flag on the play so that President Obama will understand how Peebles’ people are thinking.  But, this may have been a conversation he should’ve went directly to the president with…being on the finance committee and all.  Because in the next breath, he got a little more personal about his criticism of the president’s campaign:

“I’m so tired of hearing that the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. Yeah we are… ‘We’re going to follow the law and we’re going to hire some good accountants to tell us how to do it. And we’re going to pay no more or no less than our fair share.’

“So to say that wealthy individuals are not paying their fair is unfair and delusional,” he said. “So what should be said is that the wealthy Americans should have their tax rates raised because we need more money. Now by the way, if they got all these tax raises it still wouldn’t put a dent in the national debt.”

From the common man’s perspective, I would believe that Peebles is the “delusional” one because we may not feel that this discourse is completely accurate.  There have been more accounts of corruption among the corporate executives than anything else.  We’ve watched some of the richest executives kill themselves for fear of being poor or just having less than they had enjoyed.  We’re watching citizens like Denise Rich and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin abandon the U.S. for other countries to avoid paying their share of taxes.

You might wanna re-think your statements, Peebles. The bottom line is that we’re re-electing someone who understands the reality of having little money and lack of benefits that protect our children.  With a certain level of wealth, (i.e. the one percent) comes a detachment or ignorance to the critical needs of the nation’s common folk.  If you’re going to be a President Obama supporter, then show your support.  Stop whining about your wealth and get in line!

Read more here.  (And is it just me or does this guy look like a cross between Dick Clark and the President?)

-J.C. Brooks

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