‘Stand Your Ground’ Case in Florida Turns Ugly Outside Courtroom (Video)

Two families erupt in a brawl outside Florida courtroom over a Stand Your Ground case involving two brothers that were shot and killed by another man in a brawl outside a local pub.

No one in the country seemed to be aware of the now famous “Stand Your Ground” law that Trayvon Martin’s murderer George Zimmerman used to stay out of jail in Sanford, Florida.  But there have been numerous cases in the news since this high profiled case exposed the controversial law.

The families of two murdered men and their killer got into a courtroom brawl after a judge postponed the Stand Your Ground case. Last year, fights broke out at a local hangout called Len’s Dug-Out Pub.  The place is known for their “Four-Beers-for-a-Buck” drink special on Tuesday nights.  The Kun brothers, Joel, 21, and James, 23, were in a fight with Jayson Clair, 27.  Clair says he shot them in self-defense, but police reports and witnesses say he left and returned with a gun before shooting them.

Well the case hit the courtroom Monday and the families from both sides including Clair’s stepfather, James “Zeke” Parker, 53, of Minneola, the dead brothers’ father, James Kun Sr., 45, of St. Cloud, and Kun family friend, Jeremy Milyon, 23, of St. Cloud.  They got into an ugly scuffle that was started by Milyon hitting Parker.

They were hit with a misdemeanor for the brawl and now will not be able to take part in seeing the  case through because they are barred from any further proceedings due to trespass warnings from the court.  Read more on the story here.  Check out the brawl!  Wow.

-J.C. Brooks

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