New Hampshire Kayaker Followed by Great White Shark (Video)

Walter Szulc Jr., 41, was followed by a Great White Shark in the Atlantic Ocean off a Cape Cod, Massachusetts' beach.

What would you do if you found yourself being followed by a shark?  And let’s say you’re even in a boat…well a type of boat?  What would you do?  Would you abandon ship and swim for it or would you paddle your tail off and take your chances?

Well Walter Szulc Jr., 41, put that paddle to warp speed and took his chances.  He was joked by his daughter before going out on the water in his kayak for the first time to watch out for sharks.  But that joke got very real once he set out from the Cape Cod beach and saw a fin an arm’s length behind him.

Szulc told Fox 10TV:

“I saw the fin out of the water … I looked down and saw the body and realized that part of the shark was underneath me, and I just proceeded to paddle,” Szulc said Monday, adding it all happened very fast and his response “was just instinct — paddle and head out of there.”

Szulc not only reported that the fin was behind him, but he could see the body of a Great White Shark underneath him.  If the great white wanted to eat him, surely there would have been nothing Szulc could do to help his situation.

Check out his interview with CNN and the rest of the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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