Al Sharpton Gives Interesting Insight into Mitt Romney’s Campaign and Friends (Video)

Al Sharpton exposes Mitt Romney's "people" and the type of campaign he's running with a re-enactment of his fundraisers and the people who attended.

The Romney campaign hasn’t done a great job of convincing the general population of his understanding of the common man’s plight and his latest fundraisers place him even further away from being the greatest candidate for the common man.

Al Sharpton is taking the gloves off to make sure we’re gearing up for the election season with the proper information about Romney and his pals of the 1 percent club.  They had a couple events to give his June campaign funding a boost.  One event was “$50,000 to attend either lunch or dinner (or $75,000 per couple)” according to the Huffington Post. Who can afford these exhorbitant party prices one might ask.  Romney’s FRIENDS!

Sharpton made it easy enough for a Kindergartner to understand that Romney is not the common man’s man when he had actors perform a re-enactment of what went down at the fundraiser and what his friends were saying.  One woman said:

A female actor launched into character, saying, “I don’t think common person is getting it. I just feel like if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated — two, they don’t get how it works.”

Check it out for yourself.  Barack Obama is our man!!

-J.C. Brooks

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