Olympic Team Photos Harshly Criticized After Leaked to Internet

The Olympic teams have been chosen and are simply waiting for the flame to be lit in London to “Let the games begin!”  From Friday, July 27 to Sunday, August 12, we will see the best athletes in the world compete for their countries.  But prior to the vast upcoming competition, someone got a little too overzealous and released some unauthorized Olympic photos.

Diana Lopez of the US Taekwondo Olympic team.

Before all teams were finalized, Joe Klumar, an award winning Czechoslovakian photographer was brought to Dallas, Texas, by the Associated Free Press to take a few shots of the athletes competing for Olympic spots.  According to the Daily Mail, he had one minute with each athlete.  He’s known for awkward shots that bring a more realistic view of images.  Basically, he’s anti-Photoshop.

Well, the photos that he took that day in Texas were leaked somehow and before he could explain his photo shoot of the athletes or anyone had been officially chosen to represent the U.S., all types of “amateurs and experts” hit the web with their criticism of his photos, including Popular Photography Magazine.

Alexander Massialas representing the U.S. Olympic Fencing Team.

Some of the criticisms came from blogs and Facebook:

One photographer wrote on a blog: ‘This is an embarrassment to our country and my profession.’

On Facebook someone wrote: ‘My child could do better than this,’ while Slate magazine commented: ‘Klamar’s portfolio makes our athletes look silly and desperate – the wrinkled guts of a makeshift studio serves only to steal their spotlight.’

Give the guy a break!  The photos are interesting and artistic.  And they take away the superhuman/supermodelish image and rather celebrates the human, everyday person with intense determination to reach their goals.  It gives the average child hope that they too could be an Olympian as it seems the photographer strives to exhibit in his work.

Read more about him and see more pics here.  What do you think?  Embarrassing or Art?

-J.C. Brooks

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