Black Couple Denied Wedding in Their Mississippi Church by Congregation (Video)

Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson were prevented from having their wedding at their own church because they are African American.

There have been numerous cases in history where interracial marriage was illegal in some states and frowned upon in others.  But never has it been illegal to marry someone of your own race in a church…unless you want to count the times of slavery when the enslaved were not allowed to be married.

But in 2012, Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson wanted to get married this month in their church, the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs in Mississippi, and was asked by their pastor at the last minute to “move” their nuptials to another location because African Americans had never been wed at this church and Continue reading

UPDATE: Woman Abducted Baby 23 Years Ago Sentenced to 12 Years

Ann Pettway abducted Carlina White at 19 days old received 12 years in prison for kidnapping.

In January 2011, we reported on the story of Nejdra Nance, who was really Carlina White; a baby that was abducted 25 years ago from Harlem hospital.  The parents of the child had merely brought their 19-day-old infant into the emergency room because she was running a fever.  The next thing that happened would scar and challenge their souls for the rest of their lives.

The child was abducted by Ann Pettway, who dressed like a nurse and walked out of the hospital with their child.  According to the New York Times, the judge handed down his, seemingly lenient sentence saying that the crime was not Continue reading

Flash Mob Swipes $3,000 in Jeans from Chicago Store (Video)

Flash mob robbers take Chicago store Mildblend Supply Co. for $3,000 worth of jeans.

The dancing and/or entertaining flash mobs are getting a bad name with the rash of robberies that have occurred in the so-called flash mob name throughout the U.S.  The latest caper took place in a clothing store and once again was caught completely on videotape.

Saturday, Chicago teens targeted and invaded Mildblend Supply Co. in the well known upscale area of Wicker Park.  They went in the store and snatched up as many pair of the trendy Nudie jeans as they could.  The jeans retail for $200 per pair.  The store owner Luke Cho told New York Daily News that he’s Continue reading

11-Year Old Murders the National Anthem at MLS Game, Parents Defend Her (Video)

Harper Gruzins, 11, sings the national anthem at opening of MLS match between FC Dallas-L.A. Galaxy, Saturday, July 28.

One of the most sentimental moments of any sports competition is the singing of the National Anthem.  Everyone loved Whitney Houston’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner so much, that it nearly hit platinum and set the bar for how it should be done.  Now imagine if the nearly 80 million viewers that tuned into Super Bowl XXV in 1991, would’ve heard her screaching into the mic and changing the timing of the song so much it takes an additional minute to get through the song?

Well, 11-year old Harper Gruzins opened the Major League Soccer game Saturday between the FC Dallas-L.A. Galaxy with a rendition of the National Anthem that has drawn criticism and remarks like “the worst national anthem rendition ever.”  And while it may have been a poor performance it is in even more poor taste for the media to lambaste the child with such cruel comments. Continue reading

President Obama Compared to Movie Theater Killer on Idaho Billboard (Video)

Idaho's libertarian activists of the Ralph Smeed Foundation erected a billboard that compares James Holmes, the killer that shot and killed 12 people in Century theater in Aurora, Colorado, to President Obama.

The election season has really gotten into the heads of all kinds of political parties and  folks and caused them to have some sort of meltdown.  But, President Obama is ignoring them and staying steady on his trail back to the White House for a second term.  But, even though he’s staying on track with his agenda, he’s gotta be a little pissed off about this one.

According to the Huffington Post via the Idaho Statesman, an electronic billboard in Caldwell, Idaho, was erected by the Ralph Smeed Foundation and compares the president with James Holmes, the killer that shot and killed 12 people in the movie theater massacre July 20.   Continue reading

9-Year Old Tortures Daycare Infants and Toddlers (Disturbing Video)

Kiddie City Childcare Daycare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is terrorized by a nine-year-old that kicks, punches, and bites the toddlers in the daycare and is caught on video surveillance, Monday, July 16, 2012.

The worst possible crime has to be one committed by a child.  An intense break down in the mental capability of a child to function properly in society from an elemental level should send a red flag to the parents of the child.  It’s possible that deviant behavior in a child has been brought on by someone who cares for the child.  If the child’s behavior is not a direct result of failed instruction, then the responsible thing to do is to seek medical assistance for the child before he can be of harm to him or herself or others early in their development.

In the case of the 9-year old daycare terrorist you are about to witness, not only has his guardian or parent dropped the ball, but the head of the daycare needs her ass whooped from Delaware to San Francisco.  The surveillance video in the Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is completely disturbing because it is a nine-year old on the video attacking toddlers throughout the daycare.

Continue reading

‘Joker’ Taken In for Mental Evaluation After Threats and Massive Arsenal Discovered (Video)

Neil Edwin Prescott, 28, is being mentally evaluated after threats were made to his supervisor and massive arsenal found in his apartment.

The victims of last week’s Aurora, Colorado, shooting at Century movie theater will never be forgotten and all of the families are experiencing immeasurable grief as we watch their misery from afar.  But, this tragedy could’ve occurred anywhere and security measures have been tightened because copy cats may spring up.  It already seems that one man was going to attempt something similar at his job.

Neil Edwin Prescott, 28, of Crofton, Maryland, has been admitted to Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland, after he allegedly referred to himself as the “Joker” and said he wanted to “blow everybody up.”  So far, authorities believe that Prescott found out that Continue reading

Olympics Off to Bad Start With Sucker Punched Soccer Player (Video)

Abby Wambach, 32, tweets that her eye is "healing fine" after she sustained a black eye from Colombian opponent during Saturday's Olympic women's soccer game.

The Olympics started off with a bang! A big bang!  The firework show was great and everything went off without a hitch…except for Mitt Romney’s visit and his criticisms of the event. All of the U.S. athletes are at optimal competing condition and have even raked in a few gold medals.  But, everyone didn’t come to the Olympics with the best sportsmanship on their mind.

The ladies’ soccer team representing Colombia brought their street game to the professional competition.   Abby Wambach, 32,  of the U.S. soccer team suffered a black eye due to what is being called Continue reading