Miss Black America-Connecticut Fired from Wall Street Journal Internship

Miss Black America-Connecticut Liane Membis, was fired from the Wall Street Journal for fabricating story quotes.

What do you do when your resume reads like this:  Yale graduate, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Yale African Students Association, Black [Women’s] Coalition?  Makes you wanna reach for the seemingly, impossible dream, right?  Because you surely sound like a go-getter and a positive person.

Wellllllll, we have to wait and hear the rest of the details on that, but right now it’s not looking too good for Ms. Liane Membis.  Three weeks into an internship at the Wall Street Journal straight out of Yale, she started fabricating her work, according to The Root.

WSJ fired her after they found that some of her quotes had been contrived to include quotations from imaginary people that they could not confirm.  They then had to retract other stories she helped with to ensure accuracy.  The tom foolery she tried to slip past editors was in a story called “Bridging a Local Divide” on the re-opening of the 103rd Street Pedestrian Bridge in Manhattan and she had supposedly garnered interviews from residents of the area :

” ‘Sometimes I just come up on this bridge and stop and look around, right up here on the top,’ said Katrina Maple, 64 years old. ‘It’s calming and relaxing. It feels like we finally got our backyard back.’ “

It must be very embarrassing for all that are involved.  Sorry Membis! This stuff isn’t as easy as we make it look!  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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