Mother Sent Bill for Clean-Up of Son’s Drunk Driver Murder Scene

Loretta Robinson loses her son to a drunk driver and sent a bill for the clean-up of the accident.

The Mother’s Against Drunk Driver (MADD) organization has a new campaign on their hands after hearing the most bizarre reasoning for a citation from the city.  Has anyone ever heard of getting a bill for having a car accident…except for the actual accident, of course.

Loretta Robinson’s son, Justin Walker, was killed by a drunk driver last June in South Carolina.  But, instead of being consoled by knowing that she would see her son’s killer go to jail, she was greeted with bills from the city that reopened the wound, according to Huffington Post:

“I had to pay to have the vehicle towed. I had to pay for the vehicle removed and to clean up the street from Justin’s blood,” Robinson said. According to WYFF, Robinson also paid to have the wrecked car stored for months in case there was a trial.”

Robinson received assistance from the South Carolina State Office of Victims Assistance.  They offer up to $15,000 “for medical, funeral, counseling and wage compensation for the families of victims of crime” combined.

But the state did not cover the clean-up from the accident, so they sent her the bills.  The drunk driver that killed her son was not even in the country legally.  She had never had a driver’s license. The woman, Anna Gonzalez, received 17 years for the crime.  They didn’t send her home to do the time either!

Read more on this ludicrous bill here! Have you heard of someone’s family being charged for clean-up behind their own murder?  This is outrageous!

-J.C. Brooks

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