BIZARRO NEWS: Baby Born with Penis on Her Head

There are many precautions that doctors ask expecting mothers to take, but in some areas of the world, the environment causes birth defects that cannot be prevented.  Some say that children born in the areas near Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where the first A-bombs were dropped, are still showing severe birth defects.  But physicians are baffled about the causes behind the latest birth defects springing up.

In South Africa, there have been reports of severe birth defects that physicians cannot attribute a cause to as of yet.  One of the most bizarre is a baby girl born at Dr Malizo Mpehle Memorial Hospital in Tsolo,to a 16-year-old girl from Qumbu, with a penis and one eye on her forehead. Eastern Cape department of health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo also said that the small and large intestines were exposed.

“She was born with no nose and where there are supposed to be eyes there was nothing, just skin covered over the area.”

While doctors aren’t certain what is causing the birth defects that have been cropping up in the last couple of years, Kupelo urged expectant mothers to refrain from using traditional herbs.

“We are not saying these are the causes of these defects, but they are possible contributory factors,” he said.

We are so happy that there have not been any photos posted of this latest child that did not survive her severe birth defects.

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-J.C. Brooks

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