Godmother Pinches Enough Pennies to send Goddaughter to College (Video)

Faith Hammock, 40, of Indianapolis helped her goddaughter go off to college by collecting pennies.

College tuition is no joke these days.  It’s getting higher and higher as we go along.  But, there is one young lady out there that will be going to college with the help of a lot of love and a whole lot of pennies.

Kyla Gilbert is headed to college in the fall and her godmother is making sure she will have all the money she needs.  Her godmother Faith Hammock, 40, collected her 500,000th penny just in time to make $5,000 available to her goddaughter for college.  She had collected pennies since Kyla was three and now 15 years later she is using those same pennies for school.

Gilbert was accepted to Indiana University and with her godmother’s diligence and other scholarships, she will have all the financial aid she needs.  Hammock picked up pennies off the street, out of the couch, around the house, gutters, anywhere she could find them.

I guess it’s true, “See a penny pick it up and all the school year you’ll have good luck!” (loosely translated)  Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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