Woman Starves 10-Year Old Daughter in Closet For Years

Jacole Prince, 29, locked her 10-year old daughter in the closet for years starving the child to a disturbing 32 pounds.

It’s always horrible to hear about crimes against children and this is one of the more horrendous. What is going through the heads of  parents today that have kids, but don’t really want them? There are so many options available to them, yet they still choose to keep the children and unleash horrific abuse on them.

Last Friday, police rescued a 10-year old girl from the closet prison her mother Jacole Prince, 29, had left her in for years. The child was slowly starving to death when police discovered the 32-pound child.  Neighbors revealed to ABC News that they had no idea the Kansas City mother had a third child:

“We never knew of her the whole three years we’ve been down here,” Kimberly Kelley, another neighbor, told ABC’s affiliate in Kansas City, KMBC-TV. “She told us she only had two kids.”

After receiving a “hotline call” about a child being locked up and kept from eating or using the bathroom, Kansas City police met Missouri Children’s Division workers outside Prince’s apartment.  Strong urine reeked from the second floor of Prince’s apartment.  The police saw a crib up against a closet door that was tied close with rope.  They asked if anyone was inside and heard a child say, “Yes.”

This case is eerily similar to the case of a girl named “Lauren” that Dr. Phil interviewed at the age of 18.  She had been kept in her mother’s closet from the time she was two-years-old until she was eight and only let out to be beaten and used as a sex slave for her mother and stepfather.

May all of these parents burn in the Jerry Sandusky wing of hell.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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