Judge Joe Brown is Up for an Emmy!

Judge Joe Brown is up for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal/Court Program.

We’ve been watching the court shows for many years and we have way too many to choose from.  We had Judge Judy, the People’s Court, Divorce Court, Judge Mathis, even Judge Wapner’s Animal Court.  But, there has been one old school judge that stands above the rest…especially this year.

It’s time for the Daytime Emmy’s again and the reality court show that has been given a nod has Judge Joe Brown at the helm.  Judge Joe Brown is a no-nonsense, sometimes rude, judicial powerhouse that has been known to put plaintiff and defendant in their place like no other.

Joe Brown spoke with Headline News about his nomination and let them know that he is getting the Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program for a reason:

“I gave people an opportunity to get right and if they didn’t, then I’d not  just smack ’em, I’d really come down on them hard!”

His executive producer said that Judge Joe led the country in creative sentencing.  One time he let the victims of burglary go into the burglar’s home and take what they wanted… that was “equal in value,” the judge interjected.

Kudos Judge Joe Brown! You deserve it!  The Daytime Emmy’s air Saturday, June 23 at 8 p.m. ET on HLN.  Check out the judge here.

-J.C. Brooks

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