UPDATE: Man with 100LB. Scrotum Turns Down Free Surgery (Video)

Wesley Warren Jr. has a 100lb. scrotum due to a freak accident, but recently refused help.

Last October, we reported on Wesley Warren Jr.’s , who through some sort of freak “turn in his sleep,” ended up with a “soccer ball” sized scrotum that eventually jumped to 100 pounds.  Since his story hit the news last fall, he’s garnered his own unique form of stardom that has some wondering if that is the reason he won’t accept help with his condition.

You heard me right!  He turned down Dr. Oz, people! Mr. Health himself.  Dr. Oz was going to help him find a surgeon and the show would pay for the surgery as long as they could get exclusive rights to his story.  But, Warren turned him down flat.

But the reasons may be more substantial than some media personalities would like us to believe. The Huffington Post reported:

“As the [Las Vegas Review-] Journal previously reported, Warren’s scrotum prevents him from holding down a job and makes it difficult for him to urinate properly. But the surgery is complicated and it carries the risk, among others, that his penis and testicles could have to be completely removed if surgeons can’t stop the bleeding.”

If you faced the possibility of castration, you might second guess going through with it too. Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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