Black Women Embrace Their Natural Locs More and More (Video)

Melissa Harris Perry talks black hair.

Everyone knows the ritual between Thursday and Saturday.  It’s hair time in the black community!  Now any day can be a hair day, but a lot of ladies are getting ready for the festive weekend and need their do to be as done as it can look when they get there.

The natural look has been a scary thought for a lot of black women.  The slightest indicator that their curls or bushy strands of hair are sprouting through the scalp’s follicle sets off an alarm and subsequently a phone call to their most coveted person, their hairstylist.

But according to MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, sells have consistently declined for hair relaxers. Black women are embracing their natural beauty, but the dilemma is that they’re still not getting in on the dollars.  A lot of the shops are owned by Asians and their products, like human hair, have become such a hot commodity, they have been at the center of weave heists.

Actress Nicole Ari Parker, Curly Nikki blogger Nikki Walton, University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler, and cultural critic Joan Morgan all weigh in on the effects of taking back their hair.  The effects of the choice to go natural are much bigger than aesthetics.

-J.C. Brooks

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