Michigan Voters’ Rights Suppressed as Other States Face Same Fate (Video)

Michigan residents and political organizations march on Rick Snyder's home on Martin Luther King day 2012.

The election season is getting more and more treacherous by the moment.  The GOP appears to be setting up tactics to legally steal the vote.  But, this is yet another example of why it is so important for the nation and more importantly, African Americans, to be proactive in the election process.

Michigan somehow voted in Republican governor Rick Snyder, who has wreaked havoc on the power base of the state’s cities since he assumed his post in 2010.  Now, he and his Republican cronies have locked Detroit  in their crosshairs as they attempt to dismantle the city’s government and snag voters’ rights through legislation that passed Tuesday, June 12.

The Republicans have devised measures that will prevent as many voters as possible from returning to the polls in the 2012 election.  They will abolish local voting rights by restrictive measures that demand proper photo ID and impede voter registration drives by organizations like the League of Women Voters.

Not only that, in Snyder’s plan to usurp the governments of Detroit and Inkster by replacing them with emergency managers, he will be able to rule 50 percent of the state’s African American population and no matter who they vote for, he gets the final say.  Sound like the turn of the 19th century?  You have no idea.

Rev. David  Bullock, president of Michigan’s Rainbow Push Coalition and the Highland Park NAACP, came to the Rachel Maddow show to expose the blatant corruption in the state that hides behind the claim that voter fraud has been at the core of their actions.  Even thought it has been proven that there aren’t any verified cases.

Listen closely to this report.  Michigan isn’t the only state the GOP has plans for before the election.  You might want to plan to recall your governor like they’re attempting to do in Michigan.

-J.C. Brooks

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