Man Claims God was Driving in Suspected DUI Chase

Vardan Aslanyan, 29, takes police on chase, but claims God took over.

Haven’t you been behind the steering wheel when something hazardous happens on the road and you hope and pray that God is truly your co-pilot?  Well, one man took it a bit further as he raced against police through traffic.  Even though that may not be the scenario that God gets involved in.

Vardan Aslanyan, 29, took police on a wild chase through Hollywood Friday night, according to KTLA-TV.  The man hit speeds of up to 100mph, going across several freeways, hitting two cars and flipping another.

The man told police that he was an angel and at some point in the chase “God took over.”  The KTLA headline says that he is a DUI suspect, but as maniacal as he looks, there may be some “bath salts” involved rather than alcohol.

Check out the full report here.

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