Father’s Day from the Barbershop (Video)

The chairs in the barbershop often morph into psychiatrist’s couches as men begin to share their thoughts with one another like they are not willing to or cannot do with their significant others or children.  In this conversation, these men get together and talk about their fathers and how they impacted their lives one way or another.

The conversation opens with the executive director of Fathers Incoroporated, Kenneth Braswell, talking about his first ideas of fatherhood in a short documentary called “Black Fatherhood Stories.”   He recalls James Evans and his impact on his life by seeing this image of a black father in the 70s and what it meant to his life.  Many can relate to his story.

The film cuts to black men discussing their fathers in a barbershop and the conversation ranges from not ever seeing the man to their Dad giving him everything that he guides his life and his children’s lives with every day.  There are many men that will cry like a baby or wax nostalgic when bringing up their Dad, but these guys keep it together to tell their compellling truths.

This conversation resembles the conversation of many men and for better or worse…it is their story.  Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of the world.

-J.C. Brooks

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