Chris Bosh Sues for Daughter’s Appearance at Summer Olympics in London

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat embroiled in yet another battle over his daughter with her mother Allison Mathis.

A lot of mothers will be celebrated this Father’s day because the lack of support for various reasons from absent fathers.  But there are many fathers out there putting their best foot forward to be the best fatghers they can be.  One father is even suing his child’s mother just so he can share a once in a lifetime experience with his daughter.

Chris Bosh is in two heated court battles as he’s playing against the Oklahoma Thunder in the 2012 NBA Finals and fighting his daughter’s mother, Allison Mathis, (again) so his 3-year-old daughter can come to London and experience watching her father suit up for Team USA in the Summer Olympics.

In a new dispute between the two (that has been ongoing), Bosh, in a new lawsuit filed in Florida, is suing because Mathis is trying to prevent his daughter from going to the Summer Olympics because she says London’s Olympics is terrorist territory, according to Atlanta Black Star.

The report states that “Mathis claims it’s a dangerous situation.”  In the lawsuit, Mathis stated in documents:

“…her ex “is willing to take the risk of terrorism,” she doesn’t think a child “should be willingly taken to a place of promised danger.”

But Bosh believes this is just yet another attempt to be kept from his daughter.  Read more here. Happy Father’s Day, Chris!

-J.C. Brooks

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