Shonda Rhimes Tweets Lack of Diversity on ABC’s ‘Bunheads’

Shonda Rhimes tweets her concern over lack of diversity on ABC's new show "Bunheads", Monday, June 11, 2012.

Everyone knows that network television has been lacking in diversity for as long as television has existed.  It’s been nearly over 20 years since a family show or any show with a black cast has been on the three big networks dominating the ratings.

Shonda Rhimes is definitely qualified to weigh in on the lack of diversity on television.  Right now, she is vexed over the new show, “Bunheads” on ABC. The same network that has experienced great success from her shows “Private Practice”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and her latest hit show “Scandal” featuring Kerry Washington.

Rhimes took to Twitter Monday, June 11, to chastise the network about their lack of diversity on their new show saying:

Of course  her tweet resulted in Rhimes’ comment being taken as a slight to whites, but she clarified her tweet:

ABC told the Huffington Post that they do not have anything to say about Rhimes comments at this point.  But this issue brought to light the lack of diversity on HBO’s “Girls” which features only white girls.  The show’s creator Lena Dunham was quoted in this months’ The New York Times Magazine supposedly “jokingly” saying:

“I mean, it’s not going to be like, ‘Hey guys, we’ve been out looking for a black friend or a friend in a wheelchair or a friend with a hat,'” she said.

Ummmmmm, Dunham?  You’re not making a great case, joking  or not, about your lack of diversity on the show by comparing using African American actresses to those that are handicapped or those wearing hats?  Your joke shines a light on the context of your thinking. Your comparisons are quite flawed, but we’ll let our readers tell you what they think.  But our greatest action can be in NOT watching Bunheads or Girls.  Why would we?  There’s nothing relatable about your shows to the lives of black girls.

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-J.C. Brooks

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  1. How about the lack of diversity on BET! I do not keep my children away from watching the performers on BET. How about whites get their own channel. Oh wait…that will never happen, that would be “racist”. 🙂

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