Woman Beats Her Sister’s Boyfriend for Suspected Abuse (Video)

A woman's big sister confronts boyfriend about abusing her little sister.

Relationships that consist of domestic abuse, whether physical or verbal, are hard to get out of.  But there are some women (and men) that are not afraid to stand up for themselves and get out.  But those who are afraid, stay in the relationship way too long and sometimes until their premature deaths.  But you have to be serious if you call on family to help because things, well, things can get a little out of hand.

One sister wasn’t ready for the beatdown that would surely occur if she told any of them, especially her BIG sister Janene, that her man had been beating on her.  But, why did she show up to the house with bruises on her?  Her big sister was HOT and wanted answers.

Well two weeks later, there seems to be some sort of social event at someone’s house and big sis gets an opportunity to have a little chat with the boyfriend.  He begins by denying the abuse, but then he says something that contradicts his earlier statements and alllllllllllllllllll hell breaks loose. It’s like watching a bear fight a house cat…and big sis is the bear!

Check out the World Star Hip Hop video of the beatdown!  Go, Big Sis!  We need more like you.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Woman Beats Her Sister’s Boyfriend for Suspected Abuse (Video)”

  1. She tore that ass , up !! you go girl. Don’t touch her sister you hear me, or she will hurt you.

  2. Well he should have answered the question… lol. That’s what happens when you put your hands on people. Then you have the nerve to show your face at a family event and expect for something not to happen. Go ahead girl, whoop that a**!

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