Mother Mixes Alcohol in Infant’s Formula, Faces Charges

Iesha Hill, 26, "mistakenly" mixes Bacardi Rum in her 5-month-old baby's bottle.

There have been plenty of jokes about giving children something to knock them out and avoid their crying and running around acting nuts.  But normally, that action isn’t taken…at least to anyone’s knowledge.  But, watch those grandmothers.  They can be slick.

Iesha Hill, 26, somehow slipped her 5-month-old baby a mickey by grabbing what her mother, Tressie Piggee, 44, (that is her name) says was an unlabeled bottle of Bacardi, according to the Huffington Post.

Hill, according to her mother Piggee, said that Hill thought the bottle had water in it.  We’re not pointing the finger here, but there’s something a little fishy about mistaking an unlabeled bottle of Bacardi as water.  The company ensures that mistake cannot be made as there are raised imprints of “Bacardi” and its starting year “1862” in the bottle’s glass. (Disclaimer: We had to buy a bottle for the proper research of this story.  Drink responsibly.)

The baby seems to be stable and doing fine, but Hill faces charges of child endangerment and abuse.

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-J.C. Brooks

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