Man Beats Man to Death for Molesting Daughter (Video)

Father in Shiner, Texas, kills man he catches trying to sexually attack his 4-year-old daughter.

Today people all over the planet, that have heard this story, are applauding and cheering for a father who took the law in his own hands when he caught a man preparing to do the unthinkable to his daughter.

A 4-year-old in Shiner, Texas, is safe and sound in her home today because of her father’s heroic actions during a party at her home.  According to CNN, the 4-year-old was left inside her home during a party and a casual acquaintance that works for the family tending to horses on their property went inside the home.

The 47-year-old man and the child were obviously the only people present in the home when her father walked in on him molesting the girl and attempting to sexually attack the child. The father sprang into action and began to beat the man senseless.  He repeatedly punched him in the head…until he was dead.

CNN via KHOU could not find anyone that wanted to prosecute the man for his actions.  So the sheriff basically went back in time about 100 years and used wild, wild west tactics and picked the dead man up and went on with the business of the day.

What do you think would’ve happened had this occurred in Chicago, Detroit, or L.A.?  We applaud the father.  His heroism will be forever remembered in his child’s memory.  Hopefully, it overshadows all the violence she experienced that day.

-J.C. Brooks

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