Jokey Joke: Jamaican Twins Break Down Jamaican Stereotypes (Video)

Jamaican twins, Crystal and Chantel, set the record straight on Jamaican stereotypes.

If you haven’t been to Jamaica and you rely on American media for your perception of Jamaica, know that they have had enough of it!  Well a set of Jamaican twins have had enough of it and they are setting the record straight.

The two, Crystal and Chantel, sit in what seems to be their bedroom, and they let those who think they say “mon” all the time and sleep in huts instead of houses, and smoke weed all day know what is really Jamaican.  But while they set the record straight, it is a little confusing watching them.

They look like they could be part Asian around the eyes, they have a little bit of valley girl style and then about 10 minutes in, they digress and start speaking patois.  It seems that Crystal, once she gets angered, comes right out of her English speak and back to the island girl.  Maybe they’re caught up in some U.S. stereotypes as well.  And must I mention what appears to be a picture of “herb” over their door?

Check ’em out!

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: Jamaican Twins Break Down Jamaican Stereotypes (Video)”

  1. They are a beautiful pair of sisters. It’s not surprising that they have “Asian” eyes given the sizeable population of Chinese Jamaicans. Tyson Beckford, Kelis and the NE Patroit’s player Patrick Chung are also prominent examples of the Chinese strain in Jamaica.

  2. heres a funny jock:

    there was a pregnent women and the doctor says its twins so the woman crys
    the doctor says whats up?
    the women says i dont know who the father to the other baby is.

  3. You think YOU know/decide what the racial make up of someone who professes to be Jamaican should be.

    You learnt nothing from the video

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