Quebec Convenience Store Owners Whoop Crooks Ass…Literally! (Video)

Zhen Yang whoops robbers ass in his Quebec convenience store, Depanneur Ja.C.Line, at closing time, Tuesday, June 5, 2012.

More than any other time in recent memory, crooks are really taking their lives in their own hands when trying to rob folks.  We’re in a recession…all over the world and people are holding tight to what they have.  Those who own convenience stores are getting more proactive about protecting their stores and one store in Quebec put the word out that BMF is written on their wallets, so don’t try it there!

Zhen Yang wasn’t havin’ it when two dudes wielding knives came in to rob him Tuesday at closing time in his Gatineau, Quebec, convenience store Depanneur Ja.C.Line.  They were getting in his face and one jumped the counter when Yang whipped out some pepper spray and drenched them in the stuff.  That disabled them, but the one that jumped the counter was relentless.

A minor scuffle ensued between him and Yang and resulted in the robber being partially thrown over the counter, but not before Yang could whoop his ass…literally!  He saw his opportunity and took it.  He figured this would be the boy’s chance at getting some real home training.

But, just when you think you’re seeing the ultimate smackdown come to a close, the wife, Bi Liang, comes in and goes Jackie Chan on ’em!  Check ’em out!  I bet these two dummies won’t be back anytime soon!

-J.C. Brooks

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