UPDATE: Transgender Woman to Serve Sentence in Male Prison

Cece McDonald is sentenced to male prison for killing Dean Schwartz while defending herself against Schwartz and friends' attack.

In May, we reported a disturbing story of self defense that resulted in the arrest of CeCe McDonald who was defending herself against racist, homophobic attacks.  One of the attackers, Dean Schmitz, had a swastika on his chest and was the first to hurl racist remarks at the girl and her friends.  A scuffle ensued which resulted in Schmitz death.  

McDonald stabbed Schmitz and he later died.  McDonald took a plea agreement and received three years and five months in prison.  But, the transgender woman will not be assigned to a female prison.  She will be housed in St. Cloud prison in Minnesota’s Hennepin County, which is a male prison according to Color Lines.

Should McDonald see the inside of a prison at all?  This was definitely not a George Zimmerman situation.  It was proven that the group came after her and one of the women with the man threw the first lick with a glass that cut McDonald’s face.

Three years seems to be a steep sentence for someone that was defending the attack of a man that was taking his life in his own hands by assaulting McDonald and his friends.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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