Man Interrupts Partially Nude Couple at Drive-in Movie is Shot and Killed

Quentric Williams allegedly shot and killed Taekwondo Champ Mitt Lenix, 28, at the Starlight Drive-in Movie Theater in Atlanta, Ga.

Paying attention to the news today would have one believe that the people all over the planet have gone stark raving mad.   What else would one think when you live in a society where people can’t even ask for help with your car anymore without getting shot?

Taekwondo world champion Mitt Lenix, 28, was having trouble with his car when he went and knocked on a couple’s car window to ask for help during a movie at the Starlight Drive-in Movie Theater.  But when he knocked, the couple was reportedly nude or partially nude and getting ready to have sex.  The man in the car, Quentric Williams, allegedly shot and killed Lenix and proceeded to lead police on a chase, according to Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2.

Williams was able to elude police that night, but was caught later at Sunrise Suites hotel in Duluth where he tried to jump from the third floor to escape police again.  What kind of nut bag is this dude?  When was the last time he had sex?  Was it that intense?  How do you turn around and just shoot and kill someone like that?

Well whatever his reasoning for the murder, Lenix doesn’t have to worry about his death being in vain.  It is certain Williams will be prosecuted beyond the fullest extent of the law because his stupidity also inadvertently resulted in the death of another.  A cop on the way to assist in the pursuit of Williams struck and killed pedestrian Clinton Hightower.

Check out the full video report here.

-J.C. Brooks

8 thoughts on “Man Interrupts Partially Nude Couple at Drive-in Movie is Shot and Killed”

  1. Yall made a mistake towards the end of the article…you said lennix will be prosecuted….he is the one who was shot

  2. This is just crazy.You mean you get kiled just for knocking on a window to ask for help? I am not sure what this world is coming to but it ain’t nothing good for sure

  3. I hope those men in prison tare a new hole in his ass since he was just thirsty for sex. This is what you really call a “Nigger”.

  4. Journalism at it’s worse! Where can we go to find the true details of who shot who?
    This story tells that the police went after the victim and vice versa!

  5. The story clearly states that Quentric Williams shot Mitt Lenix and that is the reason the police pursued Williams. Thanks for reading! -JB

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