Detroit 7-Year Old Commits Suicide Over Bullying

Bullying has taken on a life of its own in the schools in America.  Some of it so bad that it has resulted in the deaths of a lot of children and young people.  But a recent death has rocked the community with the age of the victim and cause of death.

According to USA Today, a 7-year old saw no other way out of the hell of bullying except to take his own life.  The child hung himself with a belt from his bedpost. He had alerted some that he wanted to “harm himself” because of the constant bullying in his neighborhood and at school because he was the only boy living with eight girls and women.

He was also unsettled by his parents’ recent separation and had expressed all of these things to his mother.

The child’s neighbor Harold Pleasant, said he had just talked to the child earlier in the afternoon.  He asked him how he was doing in school, to which the boy answered:

“I’m doing fine.”

A little later on that Wednesday, Pleasant’s wife heard the screams coming from the little boy’s home.  When they went outside and

“Do you hear all that screaming? Somebody’s screaming like they’re losing their mind.”

They went outside and saw his older sister crying on the lawn and she said:

“I found my brother hanging from the bed.”

What would make a child do this?  A seven-year old child?  God bless their family.  Only God can comfort them now.

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-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Detroit 7-Year Old Commits Suicide Over Bullying”

  1. OMG….So sad….What is this world coming to? Bullying sometimes is experienced in one way or another throughout everyone’s lives, but in no way should suicide be the end result. It is so sad that at seven years old his is gone. God Bless him and his family. May the strength of the lord help them get through this tragedy…

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