Young Mother Drives Off with Baby on Roof of Car

Catalina Clouser, 19, left baby on roof of her car and drove off.

Yes, there’s yet another jackass out there making the news.  A mother took driving under the influence to another level when she she treated her baby like a briefcase or a cup of coffee while preparing to drive off in her vehicle.

Catalina Clouser, 19, of Phoenix, Arizona, sat her baby’s car seat on the roof of her car and drove off while never actually putting the child inside the car. But, she used her one and only motherly instinct when she secured the child in the car seat with the seat’s safety belt, according to the Daily Mail.

Ironically, Clouser had driven to a friend’s house to smoke weed because she was upset that her boyfriend was arrested for a DUI.  Well, he wasn’t the only one picked up that night.

Phoenix police say Clauser and her boyfriend were seen earlier that evening smoking marijuana in a park before leaving around 11pm with the baby to buy beer.

It was on that route their vehicle was flagged by a nearby police officer and Clauser’s boyfriend was arrested for aggravated DUI with a baby in the vehicle.

People began calling the police when they noticed a baby laying in the middle of the street in its car seat.  The child was not harmed, but child protective services has the baby in their custody…ya think?

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-J.C. Brooks

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