Swimming Pools are Really Cesspools?

The summer is upon us and everyone is ready to run to the swimming pools as soon as the temperatures are consistently above 80 degrees.  Most of us don’t even hesitate before taking the plunge, knowing that others relieve themselves in the supposedly refreshing waters.

Yahoo!’s Shine reported a recent survey conducted by the Water Quality & Health Council that states that one in five will take a pee break in the cool waters of summer.

“The survey, conducted in April, asked nearly 1,000 adults whether they urinate in pools. One in five bravely admitted their mistakes. And those are the ones who admitted it.”

In fact, there are all kinds of bacteria on the human body that will cause illnesses in those jumping into public pools.  The sweat and fecal matter that travels into a pool with a person that does not shower before getting in the pool is something most do not consider.  But, maybe now you’ll think twice before opening your mouth in a swimming pool.

“The high risk offenders, according to the Center for Disease Control, are those water recreational parks, a dangerous combination of packs of young swimmers and lots of accidental gulps. One targeted study by Georgia’s Division of Public Health found that e.Coli infected at least 26 people at one water park in the summer of 1998, ultimately resulting in one fatality.”

Read more here. Be careful out there this summer.  Yuck!

-J.C. Brooks

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