Germany Gets First ‘Afro German’ Mayor

First Afro German mayor, 40, John Ehret of Mauer.

The first thought of Germany does not spark any thoughts of people of color.  The population of Africans must be quite low.  So low, that the first bi-racial person to assume office there has made the news!

According to African Views, Germany has recently joined the rest of Europe as they voted in their first German of African descent for mayor. John Ehret, 40, is the son of an African American soldier and a native German mother.  He won the local elections without campaigning in the small village of 4,000, called Mauer near Heidelberg on June 1.

Ehret worked in Germany’s FBI equivalent, the BKA, but he didn’t have the greatest beginning in life.  He didn’t really get to know his parents.  All he knows of his father was that he was a soldier in the city of  Karlsruhe and his mother gave him to a children’s home at the age of two as it was discovered that she had a brain tumor.   He was adopted at the age of six by the Ehret family from Mauer and says he has never been the victim of racism even though he was the only black child in the city.

Congratulations Mauer!  Welcome to the rest of the world.  Read more interesting details of his life here.

-J.C. Brooks

7 thoughts on “Germany Gets First ‘Afro German’ Mayor”

  1. First I would love to Congratulate this young man for surviving every single odd put before him. WTG to the adoptive parents who changed the world with how they raised him in spite of his tragic beginnings. I would also like to make the distinction that Mr. Ehret is half Black American and not African. There is a difference especially with regard to being here in Europe. Whatever his decent, I hope that he continues to change the world!! WTG Mauer and Heidelburg!! You Rock!!

  2. Congrats to the bi-racial who is German and AFRICAN AMERICAN
    who is the new mayor..

    and let me educate the ignorant.. his FATHER is AFRICAN AMERICAN..not a BLACK american..BLACK is a COLOR not a CULTURE..his father is FROM A CULTURE.. and african american culture..

    Black is a color and not a culture..and in the dictionary black is descripted as negative and white is descripted as GOOD.. how racist is that?

    So lets be respectful and give CREDIt and not follow the racist belief to not GIVE credit to one’s race.. europe need to educate its shelf.. and KNOW that respectfully.. there are AFRICAN AMERICANS.. and BLACK americans is considered a covert racist disrespectful term.

  3. @Theodore Diggs……Excuse me but I strongly disagree with your concept about BLACK AMERICA. I AM A BLACK AMERICAN WOMAN AND NOT…I REPEAT NOT AND AFRICAN NOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN and I resent being called AFRICAN. You must not be of either or you would know this specific distinction. We ARE NOT African but AMERICAN and VERY PROUD to be such. If you ask an African if we are African…They will tell you NO. They don’t like us and we don’t dig them either. I will NEVER allow them to make me believe that I came from somewhere else. MY ANCESTORS built AMERICA and it is mine as well as it is anyone elses. Sir….I have been to Africa and I’m here to tell you that NOTHING about me if African. My ancestors are also Native American as well. Get your facts straight or I suggest you have more dialog with your BLACK AMERICAN friends and stop believing what you read in the mags all the time…. Thank You for letting this BLACK AMERICAN share…..

  4. @ Penny…

    First of ALL.. I’m a college graduate..I don’t read mags.. I read academic books written by scholars.. get a clue.

    .. you can call yourshelf a purple american as far as I care.. being an american is your nationality not your heritiage culture..simply for the FACT NO AFRICANS have ever been documented in AMERICA before the 1600’s..

    So anyone of african DNA in america of generations— is a result of east africans brought to this nation..the slave trade.. FACT.. and you are a descendant as such as a shameful BLACK AMERICAN..denying your DNA.. as whites in this nation love for you too do.. not one white or latin or asian would deny their heritiage DNA as an american, NOT ONE IS ASHAMED of their DNA bloodline.. but its people like you as an AFRICAN AMERICAN and the DNA bloodlines proving as such as FACT..ASHAMED of who you truly are as result of you DNA bloodline WHICH IS NOT A COLOR(again look of the word BLACK–(and trust PPL see the color as its stated in the dictionary)..

    AFRICANS BUILT THIS NATION..get a clue.. and I know PLENTY of africans who like african americans..and I know plenty of so called BLACK AMERICAN WHO HATE OTHER SO CALLED BLACK what is your point about africans not liking others? The simple fact to DISLIKE is a HUMAN STRAIT.nothing more…(laughing)..

    ..however you have hail from from KINGS AND QUEENS.. the MOOR’S RULED spain for 400 years and the first documented as the africans who traded with europe before anyone else from any other nation.. I could go on and on about african history…

    ..If you want to refer to yourshelf as an COLOR.. help yourshelf..

    I’m very PROUD to know I’m of african DNA…NOT ASHAMED AS MANY so-called BLACK AMERICANS ARE..I’ll tell you to STOP letting those who don’t look like you tell you what you’re not and agree? SHAME ON YOU!! Such mentality is nothing short of HOUSE NEGROES who thought they were better than the field slaves.. GET REAL!

    I’m a very light skinned AFRICAN AMERICAN.. who have had my ancestry tree completed..even down to my DNA bloodline identified down to what region my DNA is most common to what region of africa..and for me its Morrocco..

    NOW I wouldn’t suggest you do the same if you are indeed an american of african DNA… because you will be SURPRIZED to discover that your DNA is indeed mostly african than any other DNA that exist in your DNA..

    I dare you to do a DNA on your bloodline on your family’s DNA..and inherently, if you identify as a so-called BLACK AMERICAN then inherently you’re of african decent..anyone with a fifth grade education KNOWS this.. no matter how much you want to confuse(or don’t know any better) and deny the ideal of heritiage, culture and nationality..of which many SO CALLED BLACK AMERICAN DO.. your culture, and heritage and nationality are ALL definition..

    .. so again you can call yourshelf a purple american if you want too which speaks volumes….BUT YOUR DNA will tell YOU and others that you are AFRICAN moreso than any % of your DNA’s bloodline ..

    So even though my great grandparents were of european DNA..and Native american indian DNA.. where one of the grand parent passed away early in the marriage, the remaining grand parent remarried a free negroe as they were called by whites.. because negroes weren’t allowed to be indentified by their OWN doing..and because of my great grand parent’s 2nd the reason I’m HERE.. and my parents..and grand parents.. and you THINK I’m ashamed of this?.. if so, would be a total disrespect to those who came before me who were denied rights..who fought as AFRICANS.. not blacks.. ARE you kidding me? Get out of here with your inherent IGNORANCE .. can have the last word..I will not comment to you again.. I got better things to do with EDUCATEd PEOPLE who read BOOKS..and who don’t live their life according to others who don’t LOOK like them..who tell them what to say and how to THINK.. as in being politically correct.. which is a LACK of common sense as far as I’m concerned.. GOD GIVEN COMMON SENSE..

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