UPDATE: Ann Curry Says ‘Goodbye’ to Today Show Seat (Video)

Ann Curry gives tearful farewell to Today show, Thursday, June 28, 2012.

The Today show rumors have come to a close.   Ann Curry officially signed off the air Thursday, in a heartfelt goodbye to the co-host seat alongside Matt Lauer.  Everyone gave her a huge pat on the back and shared their thoughts on her 15-year career with the network.

Curry shared that she would not be leaving the show completely though, but merely being shifted into a new position Continue reading

Young Woman Delivers Her Own Baby on NYC Subway

Wanda Dueno delivered her second child on NYC's subway by herself during a visit from Philadelphia.

New York  City’s subway system is famous for the sights that can be seen while riding it. Last January, we even reported on a rat that took a ride on one patron’s lap and even  ran up to his face.  But a miracle took place on the subway recently that trumps all of the other unusual sightings.

If Beyonce wanted privacy during her delivery, maybe she should’ve taken the NYC subway at 1:30am like Wanda Dueno.  She was on her own and going into labor with no one around.  Her maternal instincts kicked in as she Continue reading

Carmelo Anthony Tricks Patrons of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (Video)

Carmelo prepares to scare the heck out of a patron blocking what he thinks is his wax figure's shot.

It is an honor to be captured in wax in one of the most famous wax museums in the world, Madame Tussauds.  Everyone famous has a wax figure there or they’re not famous for something. The latest addition to the museum is a sports figure that has already started enjoying his likeness by scaring the heck out of patrons. Continue reading

Olympic Long Shot Snags Final Spot on the Track to London (Video)

Olympic long shot Bryshon Nellum, 23, snags final Olympic spot in the Men's 400M trial.

The Olympic hopefuls for the U.S. Track & Field trials have been lining up to take their best chance at making it to London.  But no one has worked harder to make his Olympic dream come true than one young man out of California.

While walking home from a party one night in 2008, Bryshon Nellum was shot three times in both thighs and his hamstring by gang members. Continue reading

Wedding Crashes LeBron James After Big Win

Jamie Kolnick and her new husband snag the wedding photo of all wedding photos when they manage to snag LeBron James right after his Finals win, Saturday, June 23, 2012.

As we all know, the Miami Heat took home a big win last  Thursday that has been a long time coming.  Everywhere they go, people will make an even more special effort than ever before  to get a chance at an autograph or maybe even a photograph.

When LeBron James agreed to an interview with Sports Illustrated, he had no idea that he’d be in the middle of another photo spread outside of the magazine.   Continue reading

Miss Black America-Connecticut Fired from Wall Street Journal Internship

Miss Black America-Connecticut Liane Membis, was fired from the Wall Street Journal for fabricating story quotes.

What do you do when your resume reads like this:  Yale graduate, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Yale African Students Association, Black [Women’s] Coalition?  Makes you wanna reach for the seemingly, impossible dream, right?  Because you surely sound like a go-getter and a positive person.

Wellllllll, we have to wait and hear the rest of the details on that, but right now it’s not looking too good for Ms. Liane Membis.  Three weeks into an internship at the Wall Street Journal Continue reading

Update: Marijuana is the ONLY Drug Found in Miami Zombie

Rudy Eugene, also known as the Miami Zombie, did not have bath salts in his body according to the latest coroner's report.

When we heard about Rudy Eugene or what he has been infamously labelled, the Miami Zombie, we immediately cringed and knew that he was under the influence of something.  What?  We did not know, but the police immediately assumed “bath salts” was the culprit.

But the latest toxicology report has been released and the lethal drug was not in his system, according to the BBC.  The coroner’s toxicology results “found no alcohol, prescription drugs or adulterants often mixed with street drugs in his body.”   Continue reading

Mother Sent Bill for Clean-Up of Son’s Drunk Driver Murder Scene

Loretta Robinson loses her son to a drunk driver and sent a bill for the clean-up of the accident.

The Mother’s Against Drunk Driver (MADD) organization has a new campaign on their hands after hearing the most bizarre reasoning for a citation from the city.  Has anyone ever heard of getting a bill for having a car accident…except for the actual accident, of course.

Loretta Robinson’s son, Justin Walker, was killed by a drunk driver last June in South Carolina.  But, instead of being consoled by knowing that she would see her son’s killer go to jail, she was greeted with bills from the city that reopened the wound Continue reading