‘Fox & Friends’ Oversteps with Anti-Obama Ad (Video)

Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, and Steve Doocy are the hosts of Fox & Friends where they introduced an anti-Obama ad that begins with "Fox & Friends Presents".

It’s never been a secret that Fox has been and remains at the top of irresponsible and  inaccurate journalism.  They play the game of simply reporting the news, but anyone with eyes and ears can see that it is news with a slant…a conservative slant.  But, now they’ve taken it a bit too far by blatantly campaigning for the GOP.

Fox’s top idiots on the network’s Fox & Friends thought they’d take a little walk down memory lane into President Obama’s campaign by putting together a medley of his campaign speeches and his campaign slogan of Hope and Change.  But what was supposed to be a retrospective was a blatantly conservative anti-Obama campaign ad that features foreboding music, homeless people on the street and a family counting change at the dining room table.  

The ad depicts him as the food stamp president and attempts to convince viewers that  food and gas prices went through the roof, and unemployment and the deficit are out of control allllll because he came into office with lies of Hope and Change.  They couldn’t wait to slap each other on the back for the ad too.  They gave thanks to the producer that worked on the video for them because it was a Fox & Friends presentation.

But other conservative journalists have already lambasted the network for its partisan antics before they could finish a round of applause for themselves.  The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik told the Huffington Post:

“As the guy who challenged the Obama administration two years when it tried to deny Fox News access to interviews and other opportunities offered to the media on the grounds that Fox was not a legitimate news operation, I have to tell you even I am shocked by how blatantly Fox is throwing off any pretense of being a journalistic entity with videos like this. Don’t be fooled by Bret Baier’s Boy Scout smile or all the talk about how some shows are news and some are opinion on the channel. Any news organization that puts up this kind of video is rotten to the core.”

The scariest thing about the network’s propaganda is that viewers are absorbing it at an alarming rate.  CNN hit a 20-year low in May with 389,000 primetime viewers, but Fox…Fox News?!  They reeled in 1,692,000 viewers.  You’ll see just how scared you need to be when you check out the ad.

-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “‘Fox & Friends’ Oversteps with Anti-Obama Ad (Video)”

  1. While it may be an anti-Obama ad, I’m pretty sure there is nothing untrue on here.

    Does anyone stop and think for a second that Obama really has been a SHITTY, WAY underqualified president?? Has anyone actually been paying attention these past years? He’s blundered through literally everything and has done little to nothing to actually help anything. Name one thing that he has done that is good…

  2. Haha, all I see here is a montage of his broken promises. Does that make you mad that your A-number-one boy lied to you in every single possible way?

    Anyone seen the latest jobs-loss report?

    It really really sucks when you have to answer for your promises, doesn’t it. Hope and change, hope and change. Fuck you, Obama.

  3. You’re right, you’re right. Sorry for the triple post, but you mindless Obama-worshippers just crack me up. And no, I don’t plan on voting for Mitt Romney, so don’t immediately assume that I’m just some neo-con. I like looking at the FACTS! People watch Fox news because they aren’t afraid to report stuff like this. After 8-years of blatant Bush-bashing by literally every single media outlet EXCEPT Fox news and talk radio, can you really not take a little bit of criticism for your guy, even if that criticism is back by actual FACTS and NUMBERS? I keep up with politics on a daily basis, and I’ve watching him lie, break promise after promise and lull idiots into a sense of comfort with his completely empty speeches.

    THIS video is a MONTAGE of just a FRACTION of the result of his “Hope and Change” platform. If you are SO party-line that you can do nothing much bitch about how one-sided it is, then why not check out MSNBC, where the man can do no wrong. You can join the other 100,000 viewers who like to be constantly lied to. I’m not a Fox news watcher either, I like to cover all of the stations. I never heard you complain about MSNBC’s obvious miscoverage of anything and everything Republican. Typical one-sided bullshit. Obama could take a dump in the front lawn of the white-house and people like you would want call it the greatest thing since the Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

    How about trying to think for yourself. And in case you missed what I said earlier, I’m not a fucking Republican and I don’t plan on voting for Romney. But ANYONE who thinks that Obama has been even a REMOTELY decent president has either not been paying attention or has had their blinders on. Promise after broken promise, failure after failure. And no, you can’t blame the congress, they had 2 years of complete control and what did they do with it? Nada.

    Hooray for higher unemployment, out-of-control reckless spending and more REALLY terrible speeches which, for some reason, people think are brilliant.

    Obama is a figurehead. He gets out there, makes his carefull pre-written speeches through his teleprompter and the people behind the scenes actually work on the legislation. He’s the perfect candidate, because if you say ANYthing against his politics, you can be easily labelled a racist, or some other kind of “ist”.

    Maybe instead of being outraged about this, you could take a look at what it REALLY says, cross-check the numbers and realize that this president has delivered on literally nothing that he has promised, and he is not going to deliver on anything. All it’s going to do is set jobs, business and commerce back decades while we work to deconstruct the damage that has already been done.

    Know what we REALLY need? More environmental regulations in the middle of a fucking recession. Yeah, great idea for financial growth.

    But none of this matters, because the people who buy into these kinds of articles are the kinds of people who are one-tracked. They fancy themselves openminded but, in reality, are some of the most closed-minded individuals one can find. Openmindedness is the ability to recognize TRUTH versus LIES and make choices accordingly, not just vote for a guy because it “feels right”. Anyone who cares about this country cannot possible think that this man and his administration has been anything but the bumbling of an inexperienced politician whose only real skill is making a speech that seems to make people think that he’s not lying. (Regardless of the complete lack of concrete substance in said speeches)

    Anyway, I am done ranting. As I’ve said multiple times, I have been as objective as possible, and I’ve literally seen nothing but broken promises, borderline (or even outright) lies, broken promises and incompetence. It seems like the people who are his stark, diehard supporters don’t tend to get their information from multiple sources. They find the ONE source that backs of their preconceived ideas and they stick with it, accepting it as gospel. It’s pitiful, anti-intellectual and a sign of the intellectual decline of the age.

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