Men Are More Attracted to ‘Dumb-Looking’ Women?

One of the images shown men to pick their brains on what was "attractive" to them.

I watched a movie called The Truth About Cats and Dogs and two women thought they would test a man to find out which of them he’d prefer by asking this question:  “If you were trapped in Biosphere 2 for three years, who would you bring: Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year or Playboy’s Playmate of the Year?”  Well, that movie was nearly 20 years ago and the guy did the smart thing by not answering the question.  But not today!  A few guys thought it would be a good idea to let women know what they really want.

According to the Daily Mail, recent article in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, put the spotlight on men and what they look for in a mate.  The study used 76 undergraduate male students for their control group to find accurate responses to what men are looking for in a woman:

The goal of the study was to test out the hypothesis that a woman who appears silly or inert, or in other words more ‘sexually exploitable,’ is a turn-on for the average straight man. In the evolutionary psychology sense, the word ‘exploitable’ simply indicates that a woman is willing or can be more easily pressured into having sex, even if she is a prostitute or a nymphomaniac.

But that only answers the question of attraction and attraction is not answering the question of what men want in their women.  The other part of that study showed that the men were quite clear of what they saw as the type of woman they would marry vs. the woman they would sleep with.  These guys also came up with 88 red flags for women they would approach:

“Among the chosen red flags were: lip lick/bite; over-the-shoulder look; sleepy; intoxicated; tight clothing; fat; short; unintelligent; punk; attention-seeking and touching breast.”

Trust me!  Someone is writing these things down, so they make sure they make the “hit list.”  Read more here and let us know if they’re accurate or not fellas!

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