Harvard and MIT Offer Free Online Courses Fall 2012

As the price of tuition climbs, many have taken to more creative ways of learning and earning acknowledgement for their study.  And there are more and more institutions of higher learning that are helping with this endeavor through a new system of FREE courses.

Harvard and MIT are going to begin offering free courses through a series of non-degree oriented courses called MOOC or Massively Open Online Courses, according to the Atlantic Monthly. Other institutions offer them, but the Ivy league powerhouses are the newest addition to that group.

In early May, the two announced that they would join forces in the non-profit project that they each donated $30 million to begin.  The courses are offered through their edX program.  Coursera is another education portal that is a business venture started  by two engineering professors at Stanford was launched last fall.

Coursera has partnered with Stanford, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania and the University of California at Berkeley to offer their MOOCs.  Coursera garnered 104,000 registrants last fall, with their Stanford course in Machine Learning and only 13,000 receiving a certificate of completion.

You think this idea will catch on and they will soon put the campus life out of business?  Let’s hope so.  Read more here while I go sign up.

-J.C. Brooks

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