Preschool Boy and Classmates Placed in ‘Monster Closet’ by Teacher (Video)

Kendrick 4, with his mother Kelicia Johnson Chaney, tells reporters how the teachers put him in a "monster" closet.

Why do we hear so much bad news from the classroom?  When will these select teachers make the connection that the kids they are teaching are the reason they have a job?  Well, two teachers don’t have to worry about making that connection because they will probably not have any connection with children again.

A teacher and teacher’s assistant at Varnett Charter School in Houston, thought it was a good idea to put three and four-year-old children in a closet for five minutes at a time if they acted up in class.  But they not only put them in the closet, they told the students the closet contained “monsters.”

Kendrick, 4, was placed in the closet and told reporters at KHOU:

“There is a monster in there!” Kendrick said. “I don’t like going in the closet. Because it is scary.”

He was placed in the closet for laughing in class.  What the what?!  He’s four-years old!  He’s expected to be laughing in his sleep!  The mother, as you might expect, is livid!  Kelicia Johnson Chaney said she is pulling her child from the school.  Hopefully, she can find a way to sue or press charges against the teachers, so that they’re teaching careers are ended and they can’t sneak into someone else’s school system.

Check out the report!

-J.C. Brooks

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