Major Networks Sue Dish Network for Allowing Customers to Skip Ads

How annoying is it when you get to the good part of your movie or soap opera and BAM!  It’s time for a commercial.  Some of you have hollered out loud at your televisions.  Don’t worry!  We don’t judge.  But did you know that there’s a service out there now that will help you avoid those commercials?  It may not last long, but it’s out there.

The Dish Network has a new service called “AutoHop” that allows the viewer to skip the commercials as they watch their favorite shows.  But, NBCUniversal, CBS, ABC, and Fox, are suing the network for copyright infringement and breach of contract, according to Yahoo! News.

Fox issued this statement:

“We were given no choice but to file suit against one of our largest distributors, Dish Network, because of their surprising move to market a product with the clear goal of violating copyrights and destroying the fundamental underpinnings of the broadcast television ecosystem. Their wrongheaded decision requires us to take swift action in order to aggressively defend the future of free, over-the-air television.”

Free TV hell!  Who has free TV anymore?  If you have the Dish, you’re paying for television.  Hopefully, Fox doesn’t think they’re speaking on behalf of the citizens because, as usual, they are wrong!

The Dish Network is countersuing the networks for a declaration of the legality of their service. At least NBC and CBS were honest in their statements.  NBC said:

“NBC has filed suit against this unlawful service in order to keep over-the-air broadcast television a strong competitor. Advertising generates the revenue that makes it possible for local broadcast stations and national broadcast networks to pay for the creation of the news, sports and entertainment programming that are the hallmark of American broadcasting…”

Read more here. Don’t be scared of the networks Dish! AutoHop on!

2 thoughts on “Major Networks Sue Dish Network for Allowing Customers to Skip Ads”

  1. This article makes a good point about Auto Hop. If you have Dish or any other provider you are not getting your locals free. Beside that is the fact that anyone with a DVR already fast forwards through commercials. Personally, I love Auto Hop because it helps me in cram a few extra episodes of my favorite shows when I get home from a long night working at Dish. No matter what the networks think of the feature I love it and I hope its here to stay.

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