Disgruntled Veteran Breaks Into TV Station Attacks Employees (Video)

Ray Miles broke into WIBW-TV station in Topeka, Kansas, and attacked employees, Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

Veterans often come home with mental problems and/or some form of problem with substance abuse.  There is something about going to fight a war and kill people, when you may have never even been in a fight, that does something to a person.  They have many social issues that need to be addressed when they come home and one went to the media for help.

Ray Miles went to a WIBW-TV station in Topeka, Kansas, to seek media justice for what he called a mishandling of his VA case. According to the Daily Mail:

“The station reported that the melee started after the man spoke to news director Jon Janes on a lobby phone, saying the Department of Veterans Affairs was mishandling his case.”

Janes said that this was not the first encounter with the man and that he instructed Miles to seek assistance from the VA.  During the scuffle, Miles stabbed two employees in the leg and bit one on the ear before being brought down.

Several employees held him down until authorities arrived.  They soon found that the man was homeless.  Check out the incident.  Read more here.  They could’ve ran his story.  They may have had a real expose’ on their hands.

-J.C. Brooks

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