D.C. Mayor Under Fire for Possible Illegal Campaign Practices

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is under fire for possible corruption practices in his 2010 campaign.

Politicians are finding a way to use their campaign dollars for their own personal means.  Or do you believe they have known for some time how to use those campaign dollars?  Look at John Edwards messy campaign dollars fiasco.  Eddie Murphy gave us a bird’s eye view into the use of political dollars 20 years ago when he starred in the Distinguished Gentleman.  The political game is a lucrative game.

It appears that D.C.’s mayor Vincent Gray, may be soon accused of some financial tampering of his own. Authorities are not sure how he’s linked to his assistant campaign treasurer Thomas Gore, but Gore is trying to carve out a plea agreement with the feds over destroying campaign finance records during an ongoing investigation into Gray’s 2010 campaign against then mayor, Adrian Fenty.

According to the Huffington Post, authorities don’t have a clear way to tie Gray to illegal campaign activity, but they believe something stinks and it’s a lot deeper than last year’s allegations from Sulaimon Brown, who “accused members of Gray’s 2010 camp of paying him to ratchet up campaign rhetoric” against Fenty, in exchange for a job in Gray’s administration:

“The bigger issue is an alleged off-the-books shadow campaign with ties to D.C. Medicaid contractor Jeffrey Thompson, whose house and offices were raided by federal agents earlier this year. Gore’s charging documents make no mention of that alleged shadow effort or Thompson. And [Gore attorney Fred] Cooke says Gore has “nothing to do” with any alleged shadow campaign.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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