Jokey Joke: Gospel Chair Aerobics? (Video)

If you’ve been feeling like an underperforming christian or a little sedentary because you’re retired or working a job that keeps you at a desk all day, have no fear…Christian Chair Aerobics are here!

A gospel chair aerobics instructor, we assume is Paul Eugene,  has developed a routine for those that are not getting the workout they need.  If you’re going to buy those dinners filled with fried chicken, potato salad, greens, and cornbread after service, you gotta make it happen in the gym or better yet, in a chair!

Eugene has an unidentified woman that assists him in the workout, so that both sexes are represented and everyone joins in on the fun.  The workout includes shoulders and feet, but then he busts out on ya with his “add-ons” and a speed-up around the five minute mark.

Check him out for yourself!  Maybe this can help you out a little bit if you’re feeling a little chunky.  And don’t worry if you haven’t been to church lately, the music doesn’t sound like anything but disco to me.  Enjoy!

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: Gospel Chair Aerobics? (Video)”

  1. I am all for multitasking and fail to see this as a joke. Getting in your minstry, praising and keeping healthy too. LOL. Work that core Saints!

  2. It was no joke to me. I am blessed to know that God a way to reaching out and touching everyone in all walks of life.

    Paul Eugene

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