UCLA Medical School Targets Black Surgeon with Racist Attacks (Video)

Have you seen those period movies or documentaries on the Jim Crow era and all of the types of discrimination experienced by African Americans?  The hotels, the restaurants, the schools, and hospitals all participated in discriminating against African Americans.  But that era isn’t that far behind us and one surgeon has taken to YouTube to tell his story.

According to the documentary, Dr. Christian Head is an otolaryntologist (head and neck specialist) and the first African American professor tenured by the University of California, Los Angeles.  He had been harassed throughout his service at the university, but when the racist attacks took place in front of over 200 colleagues at an annual university event enough was enough.  In the documentary, Dr. Head described the racist prank:

“In the final slide was a photo…of a gorilla, on all fours, with my head Photoshopped onto the gorilla with a smile on my face,” Head says in the video. “And a Caucasian man, completely naked, sodomizing me from behind, and my boss’ head Photoshopped onto the person smiling.”

Dr. Head was told that he should not make a stink about the harassment because they would withhold his tenure and “crush” him.  He has since received his tenure, but the treatment he received from his colleagues did not let up.  He has filed a racial discrimination suit against UCLA, because the school has ignored the racial attacks throughout his career.  But because he chose to fight back, they barred him from the classroom and cut his pay.

The Huffington Post notes in their article that the L.A. Times report states that the lawsuit specifically names Marilene Wang and Gerald Burke, who are also otolaryntologists.  Dr. Head accuses them of making “inappropriate racial comments and insinuations about blacks” over several years.

The Los Angeles Times also received this statement from university officials saying that they had:

“…investigated this matter and found that the evidence does not substantiate the claims of unlawful activity.”


Check out Dr. Head’s dilemma.

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “UCLA Medical School Targets Black Surgeon with Racist Attacks (Video)”

  1. Racism is alive and well in the good ol U.S.A…and why do we fight against each other when we have so much coming against us from others…sad

  2. I feel badly for the doctor and find it outrageous that his UCLA colleagues and the ruling officials have proven themselves to be ignorant racists. But I already have a problem with UCLA and all other hospitals and universities, most of which are guilty of immense and obscene cruelty to non-human animals each and every day. “Christian” Head applied for his own “research” laboratory at UCLA. Undoubtedly it would be a vivisection lab, where bogus activities have no scientific validity when applied to humans, but does bring enormous government grants to vivisectors — It’s a cash cow — research welfare — we pay for it. It’s amazing how those individuals who have been persecuted do not hesitate to commit atrocities on others who are innocent and powerless — even when they know their “basic research” is bogus, useless and expensive. They admit it frequently to one another in their own medical journals. Dogs react differently to chemical substances and medical procedures than cats, cats differently than pigs, pigs differently than primates, and on and on — all different from humans.

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