Police Rob Suspects of Bail Money…Legally (Video)

The police have been getting caught in so much dirty activity that there is hardly any children left that will stand up in class saying they want to be a police officer.  We’ve heard of cops planting evidence, stealing drug dealers money, even working with drug dealers in the neighborhood and taking a chunk of the profits, but now they’re stealing their bail money?

But, we really can’t call it stealing because they are covered by state forfeiture laws formerly called Asset Forfeiture laws.  This gives the police department the legal authority to confiscate suspects’ bond money if they believe the money is ill-gotten gains from illegal activity.

Joel Greer was arrested in Wisconsin–one of four states (Illinois, Kentucky, and Oregon) that prohibit bail bondsmen–and his mother, Beverly Greer, wife, brother and two sisters came together to put together his bail of $7,500, that was ordered by a judge on Feb. 29.  Well, something was fishy about the process of paying the bond from the beginning.  According to his mother:

“The police specifically told us to bring cash,” Greer says. “Not a cashier’s check or a credit card. They said cash.”

But once they produced the money from various ATM’s which included part of her disability and tax return, the police had a narcotics dog sniff the money.  They immediately confiscated the money because the dog had a reaction that alerts officers to narcotics.  So, they lost their money and Greer remained behind bars.

Attorney Andy Williams agreed to take their case:

“The family produced the ATM receipts proving that had recently withdrawn the money,” Williams says. “Beverly Greer had documentation for her disability check and her tax return. Even then, the police tried to keep their money.”

But by the time a family obtains an attorney to recoup the money, they are so far into debt that it defeats the purpose.  The states that regularly adhere to this practice are gaining a great amount of revenue for the state.  Check out the report below on how this law works.  But be prepared for this law to spread like wildfire if more people are not aware.  By being aware, we can help to keep it from being adopted by other states and end it in the states that presently participate.

Read the Huffington Post article here.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. I am not so sure if no one wants to be an officer anymore..LOL, looks profitable (thinking)….

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