L.T. Auctions Super Bowl Ring?!

Lawrence Taylor auctions Super Bowl XXV ring and leave many puzzled.

The gridiron is known for some of the strongest, fastest, individuals on the planet that essentially face one another in hand-to-hand combat.  But one of its greatest warriors is selling a prized memento that the NFL’s gladiators put their limbs on the line for and it’s a baffling choice that has many puzzled.

According to CBS News, Lawrence Taylor, affectionately known as L.T., is auctioning his Super Bowl XXV ring.  The shocking sell comes just a day after this year’s Super Bowl winners received their rings.  CBS reported:

Billed as a “phenomenally important memento from one of the greatest football players of all-time,” L.T.’s 1991 ring went up for sale Thursday on the SCP Auctions website. The size-12 ring features a pair of football-shaped diamonds surrounded by 17 smaller diamonds. Taylor’s name is engraved on the interior band.

The auction house reportedly has no information on why the football great is selling the ring, but they have already garnered a bid of $67,000 as of Thursday morning.

Taylor has struggled in his personal life after retiring from football in 1994.  With various run-ins with the law and a struggle with drug addiction, many wonder if selling his ring is yet another flawed decision.

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3 thoughts on “L.T. Auctions Super Bowl Ring?!”

  1. it’s hard out here for a pimp….WOW, a prized possession auctioned off. He actually worked for his ring. Most of the bench warmers got it for his dedication, and hard work. So sad, $67K is not enough, but it will pay some bills I guess.

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