American Idol Viewers Voted Off JOSHUA LEDET?! (Video)

Joshua Ledet was eliminated from American Idol Thursday, May 17, 2012.

I am not an avid American Idol viewer, but when they have someone talented on the show, I must watch that contestant to see how they fair.  I’m glad to see them progress through the weeks, but if they have an upset like Jennifer Hudson and are voted off prematurely, I’m uuuuupset!

Last night, the arguably most talented singer American Idol has ever hosted was voted off the show by viewers.  Joshua Ledet brought the greatest soul and flavor to the show than any other singer that has graced the stage.

There is obviously something wrong with the polls and I for one demand a recount.  Ledet was a shoe-in to compete with Jessica Sanchez for the #1 spot.  But the viewers thought differently.  Now Phillip Phillips will go up against the 16-year old phenom because 90 million voters weighed in and obviously Ledet received less votes.  Unbelievable!

Somehow, this voting process has changed my entire motivation for voting in the presidential election come November.  If its possible that the nation is thinking like this, I may go out and sign some folks up and promote a sleepover to make sure we get Obama back in his rightful seat.

Ledet even left the show in style with a perfect performance.  But just like Jennifer Hudson, good talent cannot be denied.

-J.C. Brooks

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