Mother Shoots and Kills All 4 of Her Kids, then Self

(pictured from top left to right clockwise) Pebbles Johnson, 17, Jaxs Johnson, 15, Joel Johnson, 12, and Jazzlyn Johnson 13, were all shot and killed by their mother Tonya Thomas, 33, Tuesday morning.

Back in 2001, we were horrified by the national news report on Andrea Yates.  She had done the unthinkable and drowned all five of her children in the bathtub.  The thought of it, over a decade later, turns stomachs and leaves her despised by most.  This crime was so diabolical no one would dream of seeing it happen again.  But here we go again.

Early Tuesday morning in Port St. John, Florida, Tonya Thomas, 33, shot and killed all four of her children.  Her 17-year old daughter, Pebbles Johnson, was found in the front yard of the home when deputies arrived to the scene.  Two of the other children had gone to neighbors for help, but when their mother calmly called for them, Joel, 12,  Jazlin, 13, they came, only to be shot and killed by their mother once inside.  Her son, Jaxs Johnson, 15, is believed to have been shot while he slept, according to deputies in the L.A. Times report.

Neighbors said that the children had blood on them when they came to them and they tried to keep them from leaving, but they went back to their mother.  A recent break-up between Thomas and her children’s father is the first angle that has been given on why the woman snapped.  After killing all of her children, she then killed herself…which is where she should’ve started.  Why do people kill everyone, then themselves?  If you’re so miserable, start with yourself and spare the children.  Ridiculous.

Read more here if you can stand it.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Mother Shoots and Kills All 4 of Her Kids, then Self”

  1. Perpetrators of these kinds of crime are thinking they are punishing you for your rejection of them; and, for your lack of desire to engage them in their bazaar “usually threats” towards you — if you dare leave them. Often times, the person breaking off these kinds of relationships tend to think the other party will never carry out the threats that they make; especially toward their own flesh and blood (usually children). But, the more convinced the rejected party is that their ex is not coming back; despite the threats, the more real the threat becomes to the rejected party. They tend to feel that their whole world is crashing down and falling apart; and, they will be damned if they are going to kill themselves; and, you not care…then leave the other part of themselves alive for the rejector to enjoy, in their absence. Wasn’t it the same for the young lady in New York who drove herself and her children into the river, killing herself and all of the children except the one child who was able to escape from the car, swimming to safety, and explaining the events that led up to the tragedy? Fortunately, I have survived similar threats made by exes, whom I have managed to get away from; yet compromise certain things for the safety of myself and child. So, I can through my own personal experiences, relate to the thinking of both parties in the ‘ending’ relationship–but, I definitely do not condone the actions of either side; especially when the threat of loss of a life is involved.

  2. Such a tragedy. And over ONE guy. Just shows she wasn’t wrapped too tight. He’s not the last man on earth. And her children didn’t deserve to have their lives taken away.

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