One Time Controversially Convicted Felon is Now Morehouse Student

Genarlow Wilson is attending Morehouse after being in prison for two years on an antiquated law in Georgia.

Frustrations and controversy ran high over Jenna Six as we witnessed young black men being discredited and treated unfairly through the judicial system in Louisiana.  But, there was also another case where a young man was sent to prison for his indiscretions…not crimes.

If you don’t remember the story of Genarlow Wilson, he was the young man who had consensual oral sex with a young woman and someone videotaped her performance.  The young woman was 15, at the time and he was 17, but for some reason the law didn’t protect him.  The offense carried a possible 10-year prison sentence, but he fulfilled two before being released.

That incident took place in 2003, but he is now a matriculating student at Morehouse and fulfilling his dream, according to the Grio.  In January, Morehouse President Robert M. Franklin said on the Tom Joyner morning show:

“To be a Morehouse man means to be a Renaissance man of moral conscience.”

He also mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Spike Lee, former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson and actor Samuel L. Jackson as Morehouse men who are prime examples of Morehouse standards.

“And we are delighted to now welcome into the fold a very promising young brother who had a very difficult start, but we expect to have a terrific finish,” Franklin said of Wilson.

It feels great being able to give that type of update on him.

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-J.C. Brooks

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